For new parents and athletes, the word Computrainer is unknown and confusing. Here is an in depth explanation of the computrainer you or your child will be training on.


What is a Computrainer?

A computrainer is a stationary stand for your bike that is attached to a load generator, which outputs data to a computer. (A load generator applies pressure to the rear tire of the bike, making it harder or easier based on the load applied). When you pedal you can feel if there is an uphill, downhill or flat on the course, and you can see your speed, distance, and much more all on the computer screen. A computrainer allows you to use your bike both indoors and out, not to mention all year long!

x8e55Why are Computrainers so useful?

One major benefit of a computrainer is that you can use your own bike (as long as you have proper tires), or you can also borrow a bike from the NCCH that has proper trainer tires called “slicks” on them. Computrainers are great tools to ride all winter long because they are indoor trainers, no need to ride outside in the cold weather! Because the computrainers make regular bikes stationary, they are very safe. You cannot fall over because the bike is fastened right to the trainer. And no rider will be left behind, and each person can ride at their own pace so you can ride with a group of mixed abilities.

How do you see the data – like speed and distance?A1700928

All the riders data can be viewed on a screen, through the Computrainer software. You can see speed, distance, time, power, placing, what the course you are riding looks like, and so much more! If you look at the screen and there is a hill, you will feel like you are really riding on that hill!

How is indoor and stationary riding fun and social?

The NCCH is fully equipped with a Computrainer Studio. A Computrainer Studio is a collection of computrainers all set up together so that you can ride beside your friends and teammates. We have 16 computrainers in our studios both in Ancaster and Brantford. Riding with other people allows you to be social, but also race each other if you wish. You can see every person’s data all on a single screen.

Fun or Serious?

Courses are easy to build on the computrainer software, by our accredited coaches. They can run downhill, uphill, be relay races, or serious workouts for the Pro’s. Not to mention that course profiles can be downloaded from a compatible GPS – which means you can ride any course in the world!

IMG_4626 copyLet’s Ride!

We have facilities in both Ancaster and Brantford, where you can sign up for our Indoor Sessions!

Fall-Winter Computrainer sessions:

– $15 per session (non members) (if you require a bike rental add $5 per session)

– 20 session pass $160 (8 per session) (if you require a bike rental add $3 per session)

Book an Indoor Session!