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Thousands of young people in the local region ride their bike every week, but many do not have the right skills to ride their bikes safely. That is why we at NCCH created a “Safe Cycling School”. Here, we offer two Programs – the 1st Gear and 2nd Gear. These programs are delivered by Nationally accredited coaches who teach your child safe cycling skills, in an all inclusive atmosphere, recognizing the individual’s ability and skill level. Note that these programs are not just about cycling – we take a holistic approach, by assisting in producing champion people. And in turn, many become champion athletes! 

A snippet of what our programs provide:

  • Children learn Road safety & Rules
  • Improve body & mind through physical activity
  • Understand where the Safe cycling routes are in the community
  • Fun in a social and safe environment
  • There is Competitive and Non Competitive options
  • Ages from 8 – 18 years
  • All coaches are NCCP certified
  • All Coaches have vulnerable sector screening checks completed
  • Our Coaches are First Aid CPR/AED Trained
  • Our Coaches enjoy working with your child
  • Our Coaches are cyclists themselves


Youth Coaching Team
“All of our coaches are Nationally accredited, with vulnerable sector screening checks.
These young coaches provide a fun and safe environment”.

View all our Coaches here!


Amy Bell | 11 x National Medalist | 21 x Provincial Medalist

Kaitlyn Rauwerda | 14 x National Medalist | 20 x Provincial Medalist


Jack Sirman | 4 years cycling experience | 3 x National Medalist | 2 x Provincial Medalist








1st Gear Program

1st Gear is our first and most basic program! It focuses on the basics of the bike & riding, gear changing, safety checks, as well as general health and fitness. Even if your child doesn’t have a bike yet, we want to help get them active while having fun, by supplying them with one of our bikes!

– $39.99 for the 4.5 hour DAY CAMP conducted indoors on Computrainer Simulators (What is a Computrainer?)
– Bike Supplied (or they can bring their own bike!)
– Games, Races, Obstacle Courses, Bike Maintenance, Gear Changing, General Health & Fitness
– At completion, decide if your child wishes to move into “2nd Gear”.
– There is no obligation to join 2nd Gear. If you decide to leave, you child will have learnt some basic skills, gained some health benefits, and will understand what cycling has to offer.

For more information on the program, or to Sign Up, Click Here.


  • Go to our NCCH Store
  • Choose the 1st Gear with the appropriate date.
  • Follow the continued instructions until you have paid via credit card 🙂
  • Email us to sign the waiver electronically, or if you have any questions!

See Training Schedules to see when the next program commences, times and schedules.




2nd Gear Program

The 2nd Gear Program is an important stepping stone in your child’s progression through their biking career. Consisting of educational games, competitive races, and leisurely riding, there’s something for every type of athlete and child.

While in 1st Gear, the classroom activities provided theoretical learning of safety skills, the sport of cycling and proper equipment use. The 2nd Gear program is focused on being on the bike for the whole or majority of the training session. Because the classes are mostly on-bike, there is now a chance for the riders to use the skills they learned in a more practical way.  It is not required to complete 1st Gear to start 2nd Gear.


While indoors, the 2nd Gear program explores both endurance and sprint-based cycling workouts, so riders can experience both pathways. One main skill that is developed indoors is gear changing. This may seem simple, but can be difficult to grasp at any age. Riders will be become proficient in changing the bike’s gear and knowing when to use them. The major goal is to build fitness and muscle memory, all while having fun.

The 2nd Gear program differs from 1st Gear because it gradually becomes more challenging. The riding time is progressively increased, from 1 hour sessions to 1.5 hours (depending on child’s development). As well, riders get access to 2 sessions per week instead of just one, and a total of 3 hrs instruction per week!

While outdoors, the program has 2 major focuses: the first is skill building. The program takes places mostly on grass and on private cycling/walking paths. No 2nd Gear athlete will be taken into traffic environments. The riders will develop balance, depth perception and other important cycling skills. Coaches will provide games, races and obstacle courses that test riders on the bike handling skills. The second focus is practical road safety skills. The riders practise using hand signals, shoulder checks and steering. As well, riders learn road rules and how to be courteous road users, before actually getting to the stage where they use the road.

The 2nd Gear program, however, is about one thing: HAVING FUN! The program aims to bring a healthy and unique activity, that educates and is a whole lot of fun to young people.

What will my child receive?

  • 2nd Gear program runs for 3 months (24 sessions)
  • 1.5 hrs of instruction by our Nationally qualified coaches each session
  • Total of 36 hrs of instruction and possible biking time
  • Increased levels of self esteem
  • Increase levels of cardio, strength and general well-being
  • Opportunities be challenged
  • Gain new skills
  • Opportunity to take part in Milton Velodrome Try Track biking
  • Cost $250 (25% discount for 2nd child in family)
  • Learn bike maintenance
  • Team discount at Ancaster Cycle
  • Team discount on SMITH Helmets, glasses, and merchandise
  • Access to purchase team kit
  • Opportunity to progress to the Hub Program



  • Go to our NCCH Store
  • Choose either “2nd Gear 1 session/week”  – OR – “2nd Gear 2 sessions/week”
  • Follow the continued instructions until you have paid via credit card 🙂
  • Email us to sign the waiver electronically, or if you have any questions!


See Training Schedules to see when the next program commences, times and schedules.




Our Programs don’t stop there!

If you think you’re child is capable of skipping 1st Gear, and jumping to either 2nd Gear, the Hub or even Top Gear, Contact Us Here to book a free assessment!

The assessments are performed by our coaches, in a safe, comfortable, relaxed environment.

Child can bring their own bike (if they have one! Or they can use one of ours), a helmet and a water bottle.

After the assessment is complete, the coach will contact you which program will best suit the child’s needs.



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