How do I know if my son/daughter is ready to race?

If you consult with an NCCH coach prior to the race date our coaches would be happy to walk you through an explanation of the NCCH’s requirements to race.

Are there options if my son/daughter does not wish to race?

Absolutely, since we encourage all our riders to challenge themselves in some way we encourage riders who do not seek a competitive component to come out to our weekly Time Trial series on Wednesday nights to set a personal best, race for fun and learn skills at the Flamboro Speedway on Thursdays, and participate in the several charity and challenge rides NCCH supports throughout the year.

What Race-Day support is offered through the Centre?

At any race that our coaches have indicated they will be at, the NCCH Van and Trailer will travel to the race location. Select and Youth Select riders have priority for van seating, while some others may also be able to get a ride if space is available. The van will arrive and set up approximately 2 hours before our first rider’s start time that day, and will set up team tent. We will bring a toolbox, and wind trainers/ rollers however there will be a limited number and encourage riders to bring their own if they have a preference.

Our coaches will be onsite all race day to offer technical and tactical advice and to supervise warm ups and pre-rides.

How do I register for the races?

All Ontario races can be pre registered for online through the Ontario Cycling Association website. The link can be found here:

What do I need to bring on race day?

Maintenance Check

These checks are to be done at least 3 days prior to race day in case you need new parts, in addition you should check and clean your bike the night before race day. Then a final check before you start your event.

Inflate Tires

Lubricate Chain



Clean Bike

Clean Chain

Headset Play

Wheel Trueness

Spoke Tension

Brake Pads

Pad Clearance

Cable Ends

Tire Wear

Check Cleats

Oil Moving Parts

Clothing – Hygiene & Protection that I need!

Bike Kit Bag

Lip Balm

Chamois cream

Massage Oil

Towels x 2

Face – Wash Cloth


‘Shower in a Bottle’ cleansing products for immediately after race/training

Spray Container with water to spray on body or face to cool down and refresh


Riding Shorts

Jersey x 2

Socks x 2

Cycling Shoes




After Ride Clothes

Hat or Cap for after event

Undershirt x 2


Immediately after completion of your race or training either shower or clean up, go get changed into dry and warm clothing, ensure you use the cleansing products o clean and refresh your body. 

Cold weather or Rain is forecast

Rain Gear

Shoe Covers

Arm Warmers

Leg Warmers



Nutrition & Hydration


Food Pre-During-Post ‘Race or Training’

Energy Drink

Gels or Bars

Bike Things to Take to Race


Water Bottles

Floor Pump

Spare Wheels & Name Tags


Warm Up Trainer & Wind Trainer Skewer


If Training

Frame Pump

Spare Tube(s)

Patch Kit

Tire Levers

Emergency Tools

Seat Bag