Signing your child up for a new sport can always be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve created this FAQ’s page, specifically for you, Parents!


Is it safe for my child to be riding in the streets, or race so close to other riders?
How much does the sport cost?
Does my child have to race, or can they ride recreationally?
How much time do we have to invest in the sport?
Will my child get equal “playing time”?
Is cycling a Team Sport?
How far do we have to travel, for training and races?
Can we come see the Indoor Facility?
Can we come watch the Races?
My child loves to cycle, and wants to ride competitively. Now what?

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Getting Started with NCCH!

If we haven’t answered your question, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!


Safe Cycling School

Is it safe for my child?

First and foremost, when cycling with NCCH, your child will not be “riding in the streets”. We take it very seriously to train both our recreational and competitive athletes, on what is, and is not safe to do when riding; if they are going to ride on their own, where it is safe to go; how to ride next to other cyclists, etc. Safety is our FIRST PRIORITY. That’s the main reason we created the “Safe Cycling School“, which offers 2 programs – 1st Gear, and 2nd Gear. Any child from the ages 8-18 can join, and it teaches your child Road Safety and Rules while in a safe and social environment. The program is taught by our nationally accredited coaches, and we offer a bike to anyone who doesn’t have one. There is no obligation to join any our other programs, after completion. The program is strictly to keep our community active and SAFE! The 1st Gear Program, teaches them the basics of their bike (if they don’t have a bike, they can borrow one of ours for free!), gear changing, riding, health and fitness, and of course, safety! Then as you go up Gears, the programs continue to level up, as your child becomes more comfortable and aware of their surroundings, while riding their bike.


How much does the sport cost?

So it really depends on what your goals are for your child! If you want your child to learn the basics of Safety and Riding, in a non-competitive, social environment, then our 1st Gear program ($39.99 for this Day Camp) is perfect for you! They can level up to 2nd Gear ($250 for 3 months) if they want to continue. For both 1st & 2nd Gear programs, NCCH will provide a bike for your child to use during these programs, for any child who doesn’t have one!
If your child would like to continue cycling with us, racing or not, they can join our Intermediate program (called the Hub Program) that is either $80/month for 2 sessions/week  OR  $50/month for 1 session/week. At this point, the child will have to own their own bike. Buying Your First Bike Guide

Should your child like to race competitively in our most Advanced Program (called the Top Gear Program), we have a number of coaching services and price points to suit your needs! 🙂

We at the NCCH also provide a 25% discount for any additional family member joining our 2nd Gear, Hub and/or Top Gear program! 🙂


Does my child have to race, or can they ride recreationally?

Absolutely, your child can ride recreationally OR competitively with us! There is no obligation for your child to race. Here is a guide to what he or she might like:

For Programs focused on RECREATIONAL cycling, see here:
1st Gear Program
2nd Gear Program
Hub Program

For Programs and Services focused on COMPETITIVE cycling, see here:
Hub Program
Top Gear


How much time do we have to invest in the sport?

Depends on how much they’d like to do!

1st Gear Program – DAY CAMP $40
2nd Gear Program – 3 month program (1-2 sessions per week) $250
Hub Program – 1-2 sessions per week ($80 per month) with optional races on weekends
Top Gear –  Includes 1.5-2.5 hour training, 3 – 5 times a week, and 2-3 Racing Events per month (during the weekend)


Will my child get equal “playing time”?

Unlike most sports, there are no “subs” when it comes to cycling. If there is a race that our athletes qualify for, they are more than encouraged to compete in it! The more, the better! In fact, the slower you cycle, the more playing time you get! 🙂


Is Cycling a Team Sport?

This can be a big misconception for the average spectator! When it comes to racing, teamwork is not only a high priority for the development and success of our athletes, but is also a MASSIVE advantage NCCH has over cyclists who train independently! So why not use it! We work very hard to build up the relationships between our athletes, as they race and train together, in order that they’ll push each other to reach beyond their own goals, uplift each other in peaking and struggling seasons, strategize together in every competition, and grow together in fitness, health, character, and self-discipline! A lot of what goes on in a race, isn’t so much speed, but strategy! For instance, the rider who’s racing at the front of the pack is doing 30% more work than anyone drafting behind them. If our athletes can tag-team taking turns at pulling the load (being in first place), so that the other one can rest while still keeping the lead, why wouldn’t we do that? That’s just one of many advantages to having our athletes work together!


How Far do we have to Travel?

Training – We have two Indoor Facilities that we do all of our training in – one in the Ancaster (Morgan Firestone Arena) and one in Brantford (Pauline Johnston High School). For Mountain Biking, we have safe trails and parking lot skill drills and games within the Hamilton area. We also visit the Pan Am Games Velodrome in Milton for Track training.

Racing – Race Events can occur anywhere from the Velodrome in Milton, Bike Trails in Hamilton or Road Races in Brantford. Our Top Gear advanced cyclists have qualified to travel across the country, North America and even overseas!


Can we come see the Indoor Facility?

By all means! Please do! Our main facility is at the Morgan Firestone Arena in Ancaster, and you’ll see two studios; one directly straight of the entrance, and one to the left. Our Head Coach (Rick Lee), President (Ward Black), or any of our nationally accredited coaches would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you have!


Can we come watch the Races?

Absolutely! The more support the better! The Velodrome in Milton is a great place to watch our athletes in action during Track season, with a group of our friendly parents, happy to help you with any questions you have. It’s also free to get in! 🙂
You can also come watch the Road and Mountain Biking Races! Either checkout our Event Schedule or Contact Us to find out where and when the next available event is!


My child loves to cycle, and now wants to ride competitively. Now what?

Fantastic! We would love to meet with you! We have a number of competitive programs that would be very beneficial for the development of your child as an athlete, including opportunities to compete in cycling events for Youth & Juniors. Mountain Biking, Road, Cyclocross and Velodrome (track) have a number of events that are both fun, social, and competitive. We have focused mainly on road and track athletes in the past, but our MTB program has grown exponentially this year! NCCH athletes were on the podium at several MTB races including the Provincial Championships. We have a strong team in both men and women, in both the Youth Cup and Junior/U23 fields. Our athletes won 5 of 6 U19 provincial road titles, and both the Cadet men and women’s provincial titles in 2016. Not to mention, we’ve had several of our Alumni graduate from our ranks and move into professional teams, including 3-time U23 National Road Race Champion Ben Perry, as well as into the Canadian National Team, including Pan Am Games medalist Adam Jamieson.

Our coaches here at NCCH are very experienced at preparing riders to the level required to compete.  Our team has won many provincial and national championships, and sent several riders to represent Canada at the World Championships. With over 30 years experience, our head coach Rick Lee has coached over 30 riders to World Championship podiums, and over 400 National Championship podiums. Does your child want to be part of the #1 cycling development team in Canada? Dream of going to Nationals? Worlds? The Olympics!? Contact us, we would LOVE to work with you!


How do I know if my son/daughter is ready to race?

One of our coaches may approach your child, letting them know they’re ready to race. Yet often the child will ask the coach if they can, and we will do a free assessment when asked! Ultimately, its really at the child’s pace for when they are ready.