Membership FAQ’s


(1)  My child has finished the initial three month 2nd Gear Program at NCCH.  He/she would like to continue on, what do we do now?

Great news!  At this time, your rider has finished the indoor training and 4 week road safety and skills outside.  Your rider will be evaluated by our Coaches and a decision will be made as to whether he/she can move up into our Hub Program!  By this time, your rider should be looking into owning his/her own bicycle, or you can rent one of our bikes, until you’re able to purchase one yourself. Click Here for more help on purchasing your first bike!


(2)  Why is my son/daughter being asked to purchase something called a Citizen Permit.  What is this and where do I buy it?

Great question.  During the initial phase of our Taster Program, riders train indoors and are covered by insurance through the NCCH.  However once the development phase moves outdoors, riders are required to purchase a Citizen Permit through the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA).  This is the basic license provided to any cyclist in Ontario, and provides insurance and benefits as outlined on the OCA’s website at   A Citizen Permit may be purchased by visiting    click on Team CHCH, NCCH for your Team Affiliation.  You will be required to sign a waiver and either scan back the written signature, or mail it in…  this signed waiver must be received by OCA in order to finalize the transaction


(3) What is the Cancellation Policy and how do we receive a refund on our Post Dated Cheques?
a)  Individual Training Fees are set according to the level of training of the athlete, for example Development/Select/Youth Select/Training Group A/B/C, MTB.

b)  If for any reason you/your child requests to withdraw from NCCH programming, we require handwritten notice delivered to our office with 30 days notice.

c)  Riders will be given LOA (leave of absence) for medical reasons, starting from the date that our office is given written notice accompanied by a medical note.  There will be no retroactive reimbursement.


(4)  How is the NCCH funded?

~80% User fees, ~15% Sponsorship, ~5% other.


(5) Does the NCCH have a Legacy Fund?

Yes there is a legacy fund that is a result of the 2013 World Cycling Championships. This Legacy Fund is managed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from MacMaster University, City of Hamilton, Cycling Canada, Ontario Cycling, and other experienced & skilled people.  The Legacy fund can be used for very specific requirements, this does not include operational, or team expenses.


(6) How many full time staff does the NCCH employ

Manager/Head Coach

Marketing / Recruitment-Retention

Summer Students (funding dependent)

Casual Coaches


(7) Does the NCCH fund expenses for teams?

No.  All riders are expected to cover their costs in travelling, accommodation, meals etc.


(8) What does the NCCH provide at projects in which a team competes?

NCCH provides coaching support, chaperon, logistics, booking accommodation where required, supplies Team Van & Trailer, tents etc.



(9) How can I help the NCCH continue to be the leading Cycling Development Program in North America?

We are always looking for people to volunteer to assist with specific projects, such as;

  • Youth Cup Committee, or volunteer to help at the event
  • Social/Fundraising Committee
  • Do a Coaching course (NCCH conducts 2 per year)


(10) If I become involved with an NCCH program, are there any discount I can tap into?

Yes! When you get involved with NCCH, you have the opportunity to use our NCCH discount at Ancaster Cycle! Here’s how it works:


1st Gear & 2nd Gear:

  • Receive 10% off regular priced parts and accessories
    – Exceptions are no discount on Garmin, electronic trainers, Shimano, car racks, indoor trainers)
  • No discount on Bikes


Hub & Top Gear:

  • Receive 15% off regular priced parts and accessories
    – Exceptions are 10% off Garmin, electronic trainers, Shimano, car racks, indoor trainers
  • Bike Discount
    – 5% off bikes up to $1000
    – 10% off bikes that are $1001 to up


High Performance (HPT/Elite)

  • 30% off parts and accessories
    – Exceptions are 10% off Garmin, Shimano, electronic trainers
    – 15% off car racks, indoor trainers
  • 30% off GIANT carbon road bikes 105 and above