NCCH has a very stiff policy on bike lights… If you don’t have them, you can’t be out training!

Safety is our first priority – your bike must have both a front and rear light (that are bright and fully functional). We recommend that you get a white front light and a red rear light, both should have flash settings.

Here is some information about LED Lights for you bike:


Little Bulb Showing How Far Cycling Safety Can Go

A lot has changed since the LED light bulb was first put to use for cyclists. Back in those days lights were big chunky affairs. They were also unreliable with batteries running out of juice after only a few hours use and any bump in the road being liable to stop the light working altogether.

However, today things are different. Over the last 2 decades or so, lights have got smaller, more energy efficient, but actually brighter too. They have also become more flexible. This has grown in tandem with the rise of cycling across the world, particularly in Europe. As the number of cyclists has grown massively, the number of fatalities and injuries has not.

Part of is is down to improved technology and part is down to greater awareness, more cycle friendly cities and layouts.

The humble LED has played a big part and will play a bigger part in future. Already, it is being linked to:

  • Safety projections

  • Light display coats

  • Illuminated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians

And a lot more. Check out this guide to find out all of the exciting projects combining LEDs and cyclist safety.

how-led-make-cyclists-safer-infographic (1)