Alumni of NCCH


We have two objectives at NCCH:

1. to teach youth the basics of riding a bike safely

2. to develop young athletes into champion cyclists

Not every athlete will make it to the professionals,
but when a few do, we know we’re doing something right. 

This is the Alumni of our NCCH team!



Ben Perry

3-time U23 National Road Race Champion

Photo: Ben Perry (centre) wins Elite Men’s National Championships












Adam Jamieson

Pan Am Game Medalist 2015

World Cup Silver Medalist 2017

Photo: Adam Jamieson (far right) bronze medalist at 2015 Pan Am Games on the Velodrome







William Elliott

Races on the Canadian Team

Photo: William Elliott (left) cycling for Canadian Team, featured in Pedal Magazine in March 2015










Jack Burke

Races on the Canadian Team

Photo: Jack Burke leads the pack at the Tour de l’Abitibi in Quebec