2018’s Best Bike Upgrades

Author: Jenny Holt  /  Date: February 8th 2018  /  Photo: Flo Karr

It’s good news across Canada – generally speaking, household disposable income is up. With more money in the system, this bodes well for cyclists. From complete newcomers finding affordable access to the market, to professionals and enthusiasts looking to save money on the latest gear. The same goes for accessibility extras, often prohibitively expensive due to scarcity. Along with this is purchases, and many people are looking to get their hands on the newest, shiniest item around.

Buying your first bike is an enthralling experience, and upgrading it is, too. Whether that’s a new fitting, accessory, or a whole new vehicle, this article’s got you covered.

A Whole New Rig

Cycling has taken off in recent years, spurred on by the popularity of the Milton velodrome. The knock on effect from this is that there’s a wealth of far better equipment available on the market for cyclists – both variety in terms of use, and quality. That means that total newcomers to the hobby can find what they need, as can those with specific requirements to access cycling. Turning attention to the enthusiasts, especially those looking to take advantage, the opportunity is there to snag some of the finest new bikes emerging from the Tour de France. When upgrading, make sure you identify your cycling needs and take into consideration cost and performance. One recommendation is the Factor O2 Disc Aero Road Bike. Whilst pricey, it’s cutting edge and an absolutely luxury vehicle.

The Best Accessory

There are tonnes of great accessories for bikes – from sunglasses, to gloves, to bottle holders to computers. However, one trend that stands out this year is the Direto trainer. Harnessing the fact that cycling is excellent for weight loss – as well as cardio – these devices turn your bike into a resistance trainer and fitness tracker all in one. Clunky in initial years, they are streamlined with every new iteration and there’s never been a better time to pick one up. They can be especially useful for those tackling the challenge of mobility problems by being able to see their data real-time.

Future Trends?

The biggest trend around the world right now, arguably, is the move to clean power. This has trickled down into cycling, ever the eco-friendly and envelope-pushing past-time. Scientists have now developed both bendy solar panels – that can flexa round surfaces – and even spray-on ones, that will mimic the function of the panels in a ultra portable way. This in turn can help to charge your devices and even your e-bike, should you pick one in the future. Paired with ultra-portable electric cells on the back of your bike and you’ll be set to be a green machine.

Cycling is welcome to innovation and new products and always has been. With this rundown of the hottest technology and new releases, you won’t go wrong in 2018.