Youth Programs

Here at the NCCH, we take great value in two things:

teaching young bike-riders the importance of safety,
and training young athletes into award-winning cyclists, and Champion People!

Which is why we have many Youth programs and services,
to suit the needs of young kids with all different
strengths and styles!

So no matter how far you want to go, to School, to the Corner store,
to Provincials, to Nationals, to the OLYMPICS?
We have a program for you!




Where to Start?

If your child is just beginning to get on his or her bike – or maybe doesn’t even have a bike yet – and needs to know THE BASICS of riding safely, we offer a Safe Cycling School, with two separate skill levels: 1st Gear and 2nd Gear.

If your child has completed the 1st and 2nd Gear program, or has passed our assessment for riding safely, we then offer our Hub Program. This is OUR MIDDLE PROGRAM, for athletes looking to continue to ride with a team, but may not necessarily want to race, or be ready for racing yet, and maybe wants to try different styles of cycling – like Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, Track and Road.

If your child shows great skill in riding, and wants to race COMPETITIVELY with our team, as well as receive coaching and training through NCCH, we offer our Top Gear Program.

If your child wants to ride RECREATIONALLY, at their own pace, without training, they can also attend our Indoor Training Sessions.

If you’d like your child assessed to see which program they’d fit best in, Contact Us Here.









1st Gear Program

1st Gear is our first and most basic program! It focuses on the basics of the bike & riding, gear changing, safety checks, as well as general health and fitness. Even if your child doesn’t have a bike yet, we want to help get them active while having fun, by supplying them with one of our bikes!

– $39.99 for 1 month Program (4 weekly sessions) conducted indoors on Computrainer Simulators (What is a Computrainer?)
– Bike Supplied (or they can use their own bike)
– At completion, decide if your child wishes to move into “2nd Gear”.
– There is no obligation to join 2nd Gear. If you decide to leave, you child will have learnt some basic skills, gained some health benefits, and will understand what cycling has to offer.

The Heart Behind our Safe Cycling School
Team of Nationally Accredited Coaches
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For more information on the program, or to Sign Up, Click Here.


2nd Gear
(3 month program)

This program focuses on bike control skills, so that kids are given the techniques to enable them to ride more proficiently in a traffic-free environment (park, backyard, around the block, etc.) They also learn the competencies to enable them to ride safely in low-traffic environments (shared paths , footpaths, bike paths, quiet roads, etc.)

– Bike supplied (or they can use their own)
– Indoors & Outside (weather dependent)
– Road Safety Certification prior to cycling on safe routes
– 2 sessions per week, with option for more
– $250 covers 3 month “2nd Gear” Program
– At completion of “2nd Gear”, your child is qualified to move into our “Hub Program” (which is our Competition or Recreational Program.) If not, your child will now have 4 months Cycling experience!

When riding outdoors you will need to purchase an Ontario Cycling Association Membership Citizen Licence – Team NCCH p/b Dec Express!/memberships/ontario-cycling-association-2017

For more in-depth details of the 2nd Gear Program, Click Here.
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Hub Program

Our Hub Program is the centre of everything we do. It bridges the gap between a beginner cyclist who knows the basics of their bike and riding safely, to our High Performance athletes who are racing to place in Nationals! We take those basic skills of cycling and advance those skills by challenging the athlete. We do this by splitting up the athletes into ability based groups, and training them in the different styles of cycling – Mountain Biking, Road, Cyclocross, Track, or Recreational! And as the athlete progresses, we assess them to determine whether they are race ready, while practicing and training on courses together (on outdoor trails, or inside the Velodrome) either to move them up into our Top Gear Program, or continue to ride with them Recreationally!

– Road, Track, MTB, Cyclocross, and Recreational!
– Advances basic skills through challenges
– 2 training sessions per week
– Road Ready Assessments
– Race Ready Assessments (just ask the coach when the next one is!)
– Indoor and Outdoor training (mostly off roads)
– Monthly fee = $80

To contact us for more information, or to have your child assessed to join our Hub Program, Click Here.


Top Gear Program

Our Top Gear Program is for cyclists who want to train, prepare and race in major competitions! They have training plans and full coaching services, and are placed either in Competition 1 or 2, or the real high flyers are in the High Performance Team (HPT).

– Racing Program
– Road, Track, MTB, Cyclocross Teams
– Access to Head Coach, and advanced coaching staff
– Can be selected for our High Performance Teams (HPT)
– Preparation for major competitions
– Travel away for competitions
– 3-5 training sessions per week
– Many of our riders have won Provincial, National and Pan Am medals
– At this time you need to use your own bike, or purchase one. The team, through its bike sponsors and sport connections, can often help you source one at an affordable price if necessary.

For Top Gear services and fees, Click Here.
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