NCCH Selection Criteria – High Performance Team


“The goal of the HPT is to bring together National class athletes and provide them with the training, services, advice, and support required to be successful at National & International events”

Essential Criteria:

  • Team player
  • Contributes to NCCH, and is a positive role model
  • Completes all required race reports, training peaks
  • Is active with social media, and attracts followers to NCCH
  • Competes in multi disciplines at national level (Road & Track, Road MTB & CycloCross)*
  • Complies with NCCH, OCA, CCC Code of Conduct

*Allowance may be made for U23/Elite, or Sprint specific riders.


Objective Analysis – Auto selection:

To be considered you must meet the Essential Criteria, then Auto selection takes effect.

Track, MTB, CycloCross

  • Top 5% in an individual track, mtb, cyclocross, national championship

(25 competitors then top 6)

(20 top 5)

(15 top 3)



  • Top ~15% in an individual road national championship,or an International event (Rimouski, Abitibi, Green Mountain,*)

(100 competitors top 15)

(50 top 8)

(30 top 6)

Where less than 20 competitors (top 3)

                                   *If U23 or Elite, must be racing in the Pro Men or Women


Subjective Analysis:

To be considered you must meet the Essential Criteria, then subjective analysis takes effect.

  • Contributes to the team result in a meaningful way by performance/tactics
  • Has potential, in the opinion of the selection committee to be national class within the preceding 12 months. (this can be backed up up by Test results)


Selection Panel:

  • Manager/Head Coach NCCH
  • Coaching Director NCCH
  • MTB Coach