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Indoor Training Sessions

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Indoor Training Sessions
Coaching Services
Masters Membership
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Indoor Training Sessions

Whether you’re looking to socialize and stay fit, or train for your next big race, our Indoor Training Sessions are perfect for you, all year round! They take place within our state-of-the-art Computrainer Studio, at the Morgan Firestone Arena in Ancaster. You can bring your own bike or rent one of ours. We have up to 5 different time-slots you can join per week.

  • $15 per session (non members) (if you require a bike rental add $5 per session)
  • 20 session pass $160 (8 per session) (if you require a bike rental add $3 per session)
  • 40 session pass $300 ($7.50 per session) (if you require a bike rental add $2.50 per session)
  • Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/March unlimited morning pass $400
Click these links for more info on our Indoor Sessions and What is a Computrainer?

Coaching Services

Goal setting with Head Coach

  • 1 hr $75 (non members)

Coaching Programs

  • Start at $135 per month (includes access to 3 supervised training sessions per week)
  • University/College student discount program available at $125 per month (please submit a current student id for registration)
  • For more information on what our Coaching Programs include, Click Here

Profile Testing

  • One on One $100

One on One Sessions

  • Youth $20 per 1/2 hour (non members)
  • Youth Members $15 per 1/2 hour
  • Adult Members $20 per 1/2 hour
  • One on One with Head Coach $50 per hour

20150403_6018Masters Membership

The Team NCCH p/b DEC Express MASTER looks like this! They understand the vision of the National Cycling Centre Hamilton, and actively promote this vision;

“The NCCH is the foremost National Development Centre for the sport of cycling in Canada and serves as a model for the future development of the sport.”

We Identify, recruit and develop athletes and coaches through a structured training environment, with a focus on commitment, dedication, self discipline and applied effort to achieve athlete determined goals. “Our priority is on the development of junior athletes, as they are the future of the sport, but we are inclusive of all ages and abilities.” Outside of their chosen field of work, NCCH Masters also aspire to be elite athletes in their age group.

NCCH Masters apply their expertise, knowledge, business acumen and passion for the sport to assist in the development NCCH programs and riders.
NCCH Masters will play a key role in mentoring our young riders, connecting them to their business and social networks, and providing an environment where they can reach their potential, as athletes and people.

NCCH Masters are also a key pillar in attracting and activating sponsorship’s for NCCH to help this great development program. They also keep the young riders honest out on the road!

We have three options for Masters membership within the NCCH;

  • Coached Master
  • High Performance Master (HPT)
  • Affiliate Master

Coached Master

Starts at $135 per month
see chart below for further services

High Performance Master

$175 per month
Look forward to having you involved with Team NCCH pb DEC Express.

For more information on the details and services each Master’s Program includes, Click Here.

Affiliate Master

$150 annual fee, and opportunity to purchase additional services at 20% discount, these include:

  • Fall/Winter Computrainer sessions
  • Spring/Summer training sessions
  • Testing
  • Race Day support
  • Goal setting
  • Seminars/Workshops

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