Manager/Head Coach –
Rick Lee

An internationally successful and recognized Road and Track cycling coach from Australia over the past 2 decades, whose large number of riders successfully captured medals and podiums State/Province-wide (~700), Nationally (~260) and Internationally (30 World).

He has worked with Australian State and National Teams. Currently works with the Lead Coach of Teams of Ontario Junior Mens Endurance team.

– Started cycling as a 15 year old, and competed until age 45
– 30 years’ experience coaching road and track cyclists
– Coach at 2 Youth Olympics in Sydney Australia
– Completed Level 2 Australian Cycling Certification
– Completed Coach Assessors Course Australia
– Canadian NCCP Level 3 Road & Track Coach
– Completed Canadian Community Initiatives Coach Facilitators Course
– Manager/Head Coach National Cycling Centre Hamilton
– 2012 Canadian Road Coach of the Year

Rick has a real passion for Endurance Coaching, both road and track.

  • Has coached a number of Junior, Elite & Masters World Champions on both Road & Track (30 world medals).
  • Coached over 50 Canadian National medalists
  • Coaches the HPT and a number of private clients

Coaching Director – Lloyd Fairbairn

25 years cycling experience











Youth Development Coach – Hillary Lowry

8 years cycling experience

6 x National Medalist

10 x Provincial Medalist

Coaches: The Hub, Top Gear, Sportif/Masters Friday Group







Youth Development Coach – Jack Sirman

4 years cycling experience

3 x National Medalist

2 x Provincial Medalist

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, The Hub






Youth Development Coach – Ainsley Black

5 years cycling experience

4 x National Medalist

10 x Provincial Medalist

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, The Hub (Road & MTB), Adult Sessions





Youth Development Coach – Kaitlyn Rauwerda

4 years cycling experience

6 x National Medalist (2 gold)

15 x Provincial Medalist (6 gold)

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, The Hub, Adult Sessions




Youth Development Coach – Amy Bell

5 years cycling experience

11 x National Medals (4 gold)

21 x Provincial Medals (11 gold)

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, the Hub







Youth Development Coach – Emma Lazenby

3 years cycling experience

2 x National Medals

11 x Provincial Medals (8 gold)

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, the Hub






Youth Development Coach – Ronan Johnson

5 years cycling experience

3 x National Medals

Competing in Road, Track, MTB and Cyclocross.
Has competed in Rimouski and other stage races in Canada and U.S.

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, the Hub






Youth Development Coach – Victoria Slater

6 years cycling experience

5 x Nationals Medals

12 x Provincial Medals

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, the Hub










Youth Development Coach – Alessandro Sproul

3 years cycling experience

Biked across Canada (soloed half of it)

Coaches: The Hub (in Ancaster, Brantford and Toronto)









Youth Development Coach – Leigh Haigh

Originally from Barnsley, UK.

Came to Canada in April 2017 and started volunteering as an NCCH coach in July 2017.

Kick started my racing career in 2018 as a Master 3 Rider.

Coaches: 2nd Gear Program in Brantford










Youth Development Coach – Eric Reinke

1 x Provincial Champion

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, Hub Program










Youth Development Coach – Natalie Hamel

Ontario Summer Games Bronze Medalist

Coaches: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, Hub Program









jamesStrength & Conditioning Coach – James Orton

11 years cycling experience

5 years gym instructor experience

2x National Champion, 2x Provincial Champion

Works with McMaster University High Performance Athletes











Adult/Masters Coach- Rob Stockl

13 years experience

Started with MTB, then Road.

Has been with NCCH for 7 years.

Coaches: Open/Sportif/Adult Sessions








Adult/Masters Coach- Peter Lowry

15 years road & MTB experience

2013 Silver medalist Sportif Provincial Championships

Coaches: Open/Sportif/Adult Sessions








Adult/Masters Coach- Peter Rauwerda

4 years cycling experience

2 x Provincial Medalist Sportif

Coaches: Open/Sportif/Adult Sessions







Mountain Biking Coach – Frederic Bergeron

12 years cycling experience (started in Quebec)

Rides on XCM races in Mont Ste-Anne, Terrebonne MTB race series, Kelso MTB race, Ride to Conquer

Enjoys everything related to biking (including Track and Fat Bike)

Coaches: The Hub (MTB), Top Gear (MTB)







Mountain Biking & Road Coach – Colin Johnson

35 years of experience

Competed in various MTB races (including 24 hour races)

Event Volunteer for P2A Races

Coaches: The Hub (MTB & Road)






Adult/Masters Coach- Ed Witvoet

Extensive cycling experience

Coaches Open/Sportif/Parents group










lisaAdult/Masters Coach- Lisa Ulrich

4x National Masters Champion

2x Provincial Masters Champion

Coaches Open/Sportif/Parents group






Recruitment/Retention Manager & Head of Marketing – Cara Hamstra

Responding to General Inquiries, Signing Athletes Up (waivers, rider files, payment), Program Marketing, Social Media, Website and Newsletter Management, Videography

Caramount Pictures





Board of Directors:


President – Ward Black

Like many I arrived when my child was recruited.
Never cycled much in adulthood but made my living in the realm of sport for many years. Started helping out and giving some business ideas. Then one day Lloyd called and asked me if I would join the board and be the president. I think we started with NCCH Dec 2012.





Vice-President – Lloyd Fairbairn

I joined the NCCH Board of Directors since 2007, after being involved with a number of different cycling teams/clubs in southern Ontario since the early 1980’s.  I have the honour of serving as Vice President and Coaching Director as well as being a past President of the NCCH.  I bring a background of coaching local cyclists with an emphasis on exercise physiology and biomechanics.  I look forward to contributing to the success of our NCCH and supporting their hard work and dedication to the sport.









Treasurer – Peter Lowry

Peter joined the Board of NCCH in 2011, shortly after Hillary (his daughter) was identified under the NCCH Schools program.

When asked if anyone knew how to do bookkeeping, he raised his hand, and was voted in as Treasurer shortly thereafter.
A lifelong cyclist, Peter is thrilled to play a small part in building the sport within Ontario.
Peter is a CPA, and holds an MBA from McMaster University.







Secretary – Debbie Marinoff Shupe


I am the representative for McMaster University on the board and also the Secretary.  I have been on the NCCH board since 2010/11. At McMaster, I am the Manager of Recreation Services. I am a retired very amateur triathlete which is how I got into cycling but now I ride my bike to work when I can. I have volunteered with many different sport events and organizations.







CEO – Pierre Lafontaine


Coming from a background of coaching swimming at a Olympic level, and being CEO of Canada’s cross-country skiing, Pierre Lafontaine now finds himself as CEO of Canada’s national cycling federation, Cycling Canada.
“I have two roles here; the first is to support national high performance programs and figure out what needs to be done to be among the best in the world. The other role is to put more people on bikes, so that we become Cycling in Canada, not just Cycling Canada.”





Director – Brent Kinnaird


Brent Kinnaird is Managing Partner at Hamilton, Ontario based communications firm Inspire Marketing. He has an extensive background in corporate communications, media relations and public speaking and has served as a contributing writer to numerous trade journals. Brent has acted as Master of Ceremonies at major events including four times for The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. Outside of work, Brent lends time in volunteer roles with the National Cycling Centre Hamilton, Canadian Mental Health Association, Bike For Mike and the Mohawk College Alumni Association where he is a proud member of the Alumni of Distinction. He lives in Ancaster with his wife and three children, and spends time honing his skills as an ‘average’ rider.





Director – Gord Singleton

I have a long standing relationship with the sport of cycling dating back to competing in my first World Championships in 1975.
Along the way I’ve enjoyed watching and participating in the evolution of the sport. The commitment and dedication the racers learn from cycling will help them in anything they choose to follow after they retire from racing. I’ve been on the NCCH board of directors for a very short time ( 6 months) . What I appreciate about being a board member is knowing that all of the commitment from the volunteers goes directly into helping young cyclists to become the very best they are able to achieve.